mercredi 4 novembre 2009

contraception masculine... doit-on oser espérer?

Researchers at the University of Washington have been working to develop a male contraceptive pill for over thirty years and Seattle Weekly reports that they are approximately five years away from its release.

Dr. Dr. John Amory and his research team are looking for male test subjects to participate in clinical trials. No sex will be required, as it is the sperm that will be tested to evaluate efficacy. This new version of “the pill” would involve testosterone intake and side effects may include muscular changes and impacts on libido and mood.

Time reported on Dr. Amory’s earlier research last year describing the male option as “a daily testosterone gel combined with a quarterly injection” which demonstrated a success rate of 90 percent in clinical trials. Though this figure may sound high, the researcher explains that they require even higher success rates to get both the pharmaceutical industry and the Food and Drug Administration on board.

The first female contraceptive pill (Enovid), was approved for “menstrual disorders” in 1957 and later for birth control in 1960. The challenge of creating a contraceptive for men is greater, as the female version only needs to control one egg whereas men can produce 1000 sperm per second.

Though a male version of oral contraceptives would offer increased options for birth control, it would offer no protection against sexually transmitted infections and HIV transmission. Condoms and other barrier methods would still be required for the practice of safer sex.

Sérieusement, y serait vraiment temps que ce truc là soit inventé!

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