mercredi 19 mai 2010

Represent Cuba!

Grande découverte cette semaine: les rappeuses féministes cubaines!

À la question : Qu'est-ce que le hip hop cubain? Voici un site qui donne une réponse.

"Initially, hip hop was viewed by many Cubans as yet another cultural invasion from the US. After the fall of the Soviet Union, the musical movement grew with the influence of young “moneros” who completely revolutionized hip hop into another outlet for social and political expression. (...)

Young raperos use their music as an opportunity to speak out against problems within Cuba or on global issues including war, racism, and environmental justice. "

Ce qui est intéressant aussi, c'est que depuis quelques années, des femmes ont décidées de se former en groupe hip hop, en collectif aussi et de chanter sur des thématiques rejoignant les femmes.

On apprend dans un ouvrage sur le hip hop cubain que c'est un phénomène somme toute plutôt récent.

"When I first visited Cuba in 1998, women's presence in hip-hop was still negligible. At concerts I would come across male rappers with their gold medallions, Fubu gear, and mindless lyrics about women, cars, and guns, the latter two hardly a reality for most young Cuban men. Over the years, there have been important changes in gender politics within Cuba, particularly in rap music, and women within the genre feel empowered to speak of issues such as sexuality, feminism, as well as gender roles and stereotyping. "

A notable feature of Cuban hip-hop has been the participation of women openly identified as lesbians. Given homophobia in Cuban society, as well as the absence of queer issues from the mass media, the presence of lesbian rap group Las Krudas represents an important opening. Las Krudas, consisting of Olivia Prendes (Pelusa MC), Odaymara Cuesta (Pasa Kruda), and Odalys Cuesta (Wanda), make open references to their bodies and sexuality in the songs recorded on their 2003 demo CUBENSI. "

Une petite chanson du groupe Las Krudas. Je vous invite à écouter toutes celles du site!

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